Friday, May 19, 2006

InSync's Indie Debate

Here's one for you gamer geeks out there, via the folks at Creative London:
InSync and The Debates invite you to take part in the “Indie Debate”
the second in a series of international seminars exploring the relationship between independent developers and the mainstream games industry.

Linked by video conferencing technology, speakers and participants in the UK, mainland Europe and the US discuss why an independent games sector is important and how the market could support its growth.

In most sectors of the audio-visual industries, there is space, support and a route to market for independent producers. An independent sector provides the mainstream with a vital seed bed for new talent, content and formats but the dynamics and the economics of the games industry seem to stifle such development. As the production cost of mainstream titles increases, the gap between what is established and what is not appears to be growing.. Iterations, sequels and licensed titles are becoming the norm and few original concepts make it to the marketplace.

The games industry needs to nurture and create space for the Tarantinos and Portisheads of the coming generation.

Tuesday the 6th June 2006, all day from 08:00 for 08:30 AM (until 16:00 PM)
01zero-one, Hopkins Street, Soho, London W1F 0HS (on the corner of Hopkins Street and Peter Street) Map
To register, email

This is a free event, with coffee and tea available all day. There will be a drinks reception in the evening. Please email all enquiries to the address above.

The debate will include contributors from Avalanche, Deadline Games, Digital Illusions, EA, Epic Games, IO Interactive, SCEE, Tripwire and Ubisoft. From a non gaming indie perspective there will be contributions from Chicks On Speed, Kristian Hornsleth, Mads Odgaard and Per Fly.

This second seminar will cover areas such as:

* Digital Publishing / Distribution
* Modding
* Casual / Episodic Gaming
* Education
* The Future of Independent Development

As well as following the seminar in Copenhagen, at various points during the day participants at the various Link-ups will be asked to discuss the topics under debate and then feedback live to the main seminar.


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